MASTERED: Ro Stambuk

Accompanying music video — Siart Cessoi — directed by Chris Gylee available to view here.

eN goa-goa sibex gEz ast vai azai cie goz
cieba asca sacimar daz azai cie ze
iosol sinex hietida ceSoi vai
geN nieN nie hietida vai acermar
siart ceSoi

o cie cie teN ne natra sie co
eca bavsaN geN iearta sinex no pesca lo
ai va mie maz
a iel mie maNna

os teN ie pesca sibex ceSoi vai
os teN ioeb sibex cadia vai asio gEz vai
eSa teN ze doaN mnex
os teN niol siA osO azai beravzar
nie daz
e cepo cinex no
hares os teN iear cicex nie lo

teN ie tomsa sie heCa zie heCa ge
zeza eva teN iA ser sicex
cielie zai
teN iA soAl sinex co po lo
teN ze tA pesca siA co gaci-gaci
hA vai

zameN ol teN ie pesca siA mo gaci-gaci
ol teN ie zae iA ceSoi cie daz
ze vaNda sibex
teN nA ieN sibex pesca ca
teN nA ieN sinex pesca ca
eN tiamo sibex haNtama lo cie goz
en goa-goa sibé geez ast vai azai cie goz
cieba asca sacimar daz azai cie ze
i’osol siné hietida cessoi vai
gen n’ien nie hietida vai acermar
siart cessoi

o cie cie ten ne natra sie co
eca bavsan gen i’earta siné no pesca lo
ai va mie maz
a i’el mie manna

os ten ie pesca sibé cessoi vai
os ten i’oeb sibé cadia vai asio geez vai
essa ten ze doan mné
os ten n’iol siaa osoo azai beravzar nie daz
e cepo ciné no
hares os ten i’ear cicé nie lo

ten ie tomsa sie hecca zie hecca ge
zeza eva ten iaa ser sicé
cielie zai
ten iaa soaal siné co po lo
ten ze taa pesca siaa co gaci-gaci
haa vai

zamen ol ten ie pesca siaa mo gaci-gaci
ol ten ie zae iaa cessoi cie daz
ze v’anda sibé 
ten naa ien sibé pesca ca
ten naa ien siné pesca ca
en tiamo sibé hantama lo cie goz
My mind races as I see a thousand
Different futures
All with you
All the different outcomes from
A thousand little choices made by you

The fear makes you close your eyes but
I’m here, and mine are wide open with fear
And it’s your car but in these moments I
Can’t not just reach over and steer

What shall we do, where shall we go if
This fear starts to steer and your body
Reacts to your choices faster than
Your mind. I know I’m unkind when the
Thousand voices that scream inside of me
Seep out and I start to shout at you

I just want to wrap you up until you’ve
Caught up so that these hiccups stay
Just that and you never have to look back
And wonder what could have been if you
Would have seen and steered clear of
Those trees

And the more we steer around those trees
The more the fear will ease
I don’t care who steers
I just want all of those years with you