MIXED: Mitchell Keaney (Vel Osoo)
MASTERED: Ro Stambuk

Accompanying music video — ACES — directed by Chris Gylee available to view here.

hieti tieri ceo
gaMe poNie pol
nesi daNiA aces
pol gaMe-gaMe daNiA
pol HietimaiO pol ocomaiO

hieti iesti ge poNie hodo ge
mo gotla ge osO hastel ge
eN goso siA osOma vai
aces aces aaaaaaaces

eN Hagda sie hastel
eN HaNdata sibex soi hastel vai
nacer iebex aces
eN ceo sibex cadia tieri vai daNiA
eN ziA sibex pol gaMe-gaMe
aces naN nesi-nesi

eN zaze sibex nad so vai Hieti iesti lo
eN ceo sibex hodo vai
eN momo sibex
nad tai so tai gotla vai
aces aaaaaces
eN naer sibex pol

iesti hodo
gotla hastel
o sotla nie
hieti tieri ceo
gamme ponie pol
nesi dani’aa aces
pol gamme-gamme dani’aa
pol t-hietimaioo pol ocomaioo

hieti iesti ge, ponie hodo ge
mo gotla ge, osoo hastel ge
en goso siaa osooma vai
aces, aces, aaaaaaaces

en t-hagda sie hastel
en t-handata sibé soi hastel vai
n’acer iebé aces
en ceo sibé cadia tieri vai dani’aa
en ziaa sibé pol gamme-gamme
aces nan nesi-nesi

en zaze sibé nad so vai t-hieti iesti lo
en ceo sibé hodo vai
en momo sibé nad tai so tai gotla vai
aces aaaaaces
en naer sibé pol

iesti hodo
gotla hastel
o sotla nie
Eyes hands touch
Slime lips fingers
Hair aliens holes
Aliens’ slimy fingers
Have many eyes and mouths

Eyes like moons lips like stars
Tongues like suns voices like wind
Voices gush:
‘Hole, hooole, hoooooooole … !’

It’s windy
Wind shakes my heart
My holes open
Alien hands touch my body
Slimy fingers slide to my hairy holes

Moons’ lashes brush my skin
Stars touch
Suns lick my skin my hair
‘Hole, hoooole’
Fingers come inside me

Moon stars
Sun wind
I am the sky